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Saturday, November 06, 2004
Event Type Start Time End Time Rm # Chair Main Title/Event

Workshop  08:30AM  05:00PM      China/HPC Workshop 

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Sunday, November 07, 2004
Event Type Start Time End Time Rm # Chair Main Title/Event

Workshop  08:30AM  12:00PM  406    High-Performance Cluster Storage 

Tutorial  08:30AM  05:00PM    Rob Ross (MCS/ANL)  S01: Advanced MPI: I/O and One-Sided Communication 

Tutorial  08:30AM  05:00PM    Quentin Fielden Stout (University of Michigan)  S02: Parallel Computing 101 

Tutorial  08:30AM  05:00PM    Gary Kumfert (Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory)  S03: Bridging Programming Languages with Babel 

Tutorial  08:30AM  05:00PM    Tarek El-Ghazawi (George Washington University)  S04: Reconfigurable Supercomputing 

Tutorial  08:30AM  05:00PM    John Mellor-Crummey (Rice University)  S05: Practical Application Performance Analysis on Linux Systems 

Tutorial  08:30AM  05:00PM    Craig Stewart (Indiana University)  S06: Open Source Tools for Computational Biology 

Tutorial  08:30AM  05:00PM    Nancy Wilkins-Diehr   S07: TeraGrid: Learn Once, Run Anywhere 

Tutorial  08:30AM  05:00PM    Dhabaleswar K. Panda (The Ohio State University)  S08: State of InfiniBand in Designing HPC Clusters, Storage/File Systems, and Datacenters 

Tutorial  08:30AM  05:00PM    Greg Watson (Los Alamos National Laboratory)  S09: Clustermatic: An Innovative Approach to Cluster Computing 

Tutorial  08:30AM  05:00PM    Åsmund Ødegård (Simula Research Laboratory)  S10: High Performance Computing in Python 

Workshop  01:30PM  05:00PM  406    Open MPI Workshop 

Social  06:00PM  09:00PM  Westin Ballroom    Exhibitor Reception 

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Monday, November 08, 2004
Event Type Start Time End Time Rm # Chair Main Title/Event

Workshop  08:30AM  05:00PM      Grid Workshop 

Tutorial  08:30AM  05:00PM    Jeffrey Michael Squyres (Indiana University)  M01: Taking Your MPI Application to the Next Level: Threading, Dynamic Processes, and Multi-Network Utilization 

Tutorial  08:30AM  05:00PM    Alice Koniges (LLNL)  M02: Application Supercomputing on Scalable Architectures 

Tutorial  08:30AM  05:00PM    David Edward Bernholdt (Oak Ridge National Laboratory)  M03: Component Software for High-Performance Computing 

Tutorial  08:30AM  05:00PM    Subhash Saini (NASA Ames Research Center)  M04: Hot Chips and Hot Interconnects for High End Computing Systems 

Tutorial  08:30AM  05:00PM    Darren J. Kerbyson (Los Alamos National Laboratory)  M05: A Practical Approach to Performance Analysis and Modeling of Large-Scale Systems 

Tutorial  08:30AM  05:00PM    Phillip Dykstra (WareOnEarth Communications)  M06: High Performance Data Transfer 

Tutorial  08:30AM  05:00PM    Vern Paxson (ICSI / LBNL)  M07: Cybersecurity at Open Scientific Facilities 

Tutorial  08:30AM  12:00PM    Tarek El-Ghazawi (George Washington University)  M08: UPC: Unified Parallel C 

Tutorial  08:30AM  12:00PM    Michael Wilde (Argonne)  M09: Virtual Data Management for Grid Computing 

Tutorial  08:30AM  12:00PM    Allan Edward Snavely (San Diego Supercomputer Center)  M10: Methods for Performance Engineering of Scientific Applications 

Workshop  01:30PM  05:00PM  406    HPCS Workshop 

Tutorial  01:30PM  05:00PM    Lorna Alice Smith (EPCC, The University of Edinburgh)  M11: Performance Scaling on Constellation Systems 

Tutorial  01:30PM  05:00PM    Lee Liming (Argonne National Laboratory)  M12: Beyond Globus: Lessons Learned from the Grid 

Tutorial  01:30PM  05:00PM    Joseph Pelissier (McDATA Corporation)  M13: Constructing Advanced Storage Networks: Integrating Virtual Fabrics, SAN Routing, and IP Based Storage 

Social  07:00PM  09:00PM  Exhibit Hall, Convention Center    Opening Gala 

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Tuesday, November 09, 2004
Event Type Start Time End Time Rm # Chair Main Title/Event

Keynote  09:00AM  10:00AM  Ballroom A-B-C  Tom West   Keynote Talk 

Exhibitor Forum  10:00AM  01:00PM  301    Exhibitor Forum I 

Paper  10:30AM  12:00PM  315-316  Subhash Saini (NASA Ames Research Center)  Applications I 

Paper  10:30AM  12:00PM  317-318  Merritt E. Jones (The MITRE Corp.)  Distributed Data Management 

Paper  10:30AM  12:00PM  319-320  David Snelling (Fujitsu)  Grid Services 

Masterworks  10:30AM  12:00PM  303-305  Harvey J. Wasserman (Los Alamos National Laboratory)  Homeland Security 

SC Global Showcase  10:30AM  12:00PM  403-405    SC Global Keynote 

BOF  12:15PM  01:15PM  321  Charles B Carroll (Cray Inc.)  Cray Programming Environments 

BOF  12:15PM  01:15PM  302  Fabrizio Magugliani (SGI)  Enabling terabyte-scale Grid computing 

BOF  12:15PM  01:15PM  306/307  William Miner (NCO/ITRD)  HECRTF - Implementing the Plan 

BOF  12:15PM  01:15PM  323  Susanne M. Balle (Hewlett Packard)  How do we develop, debug, and tune applications on Grids 

BOF  12:15PM  01:15PM  325  Daniel Kevin Terpstra (Univ. of Tennessee ICL)  PAPI Users Group 

BOF  12:15PM  01:15PM  331  Terry Jones (Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory)  PERUSE: A Performance Revealing Extensions Interface to MPI 

BOF  12:15PM  01:15PM  324  Guy Adams (Univ. of Utah - CHPC)  The Maui Consortium 

Exhibitor Forum  01:00PM  05:00PM  301    Exhibitor Forum II 

Paper  01:30PM  03:00PM  317-318  William Carlson (IDA Center for Computing Sciences)  Architectural Paradigms 

Masterworks  01:30PM  03:00PM  303-305  Ann Chervenak (USC Information Sciences Institute)  Case Studies in Deploying Grids 

SC Global Showcase  01:30PM  03:00PM  403-405    Collaborative Tools 

Paper  01:30PM  03:00PM  319-320  Mary Hall (USC/ISI)  Compiler Technology 

Paper  01:30PM  03:00PM  315-316  Yves Robert (ENS Lyon)  Scheduling Algorithms 

Paper  03:30PM  05:00PM  315-316  Xian-He Sun (Illinois Institute of Technology)  Applications II 

Panel  03:30PM  05:00PM  317-318  David E. Shaw (D. E. Shaw & Company)  Global Leadership 

Paper  03:30PM  05:00PM  319-320  Shinji Shimojo (Osaka University.)  High Through-put Grid Transport Protocols 

Masterworks  03:30PM  05:00PM  303-305  Jeffrey K. Hollingsworth (University of Maryland)  HPC Acquisition 

SC Global Showcase  03:30PM  05:00PM  403-405    Virtual Reality 

Poster  05:00PM  07:00PM      Posters 1: Grid Resources 

Poster  05:00PM  07:00PM      Posters 2 - Applications 

Poster  05:00PM  07:00PM      Posters 3 - Networking and Security 

Poster  05:00PM  07:00PM      Posters 4 - Visualization and Data 

Poster  05:00PM  07:00PM      Posters 5 - Performance 

BOF  05:30PM  07:00PM  306/307  Sharon Collins (East Carolina University)  Collaboration Across Boundaries for DoD High Performance Computing Users 

BOF  05:30PM  07:00PM  321  Thomas Patrick Michael Murphy (Contra Costa College)  HPC in the community colleges: little iron, technicians, and computational science 

BOF  05:30PM  07:00PM  315/316  Michael Brown (Silicon Graphics, Inc.)  Linux Visualization - Holistic Approaches to Understanding Terascale Data Sets 

BOF  05:30PM  07:00PM  319/320  Thomas Michael DeBoni (LBNL/NERSC)  NERSC Users Group 

BOF  05:30PM  07:00PM  323  Stephen Lucien Scott (Oak Ridge National Lab)  OSCAR community meeting 

BOF  05:30PM  07:00PM  302  James Patton Jones (Altair Grid Technologies)  Portable Batch System (PBS) 

BOF  05:30PM  07:00PM  317/318  Rob Ross (MCS/ANL)  PVFS2: A Parallel File System for Linux Clusterst 

BOF  05:30PM  07:00PM  303/304/305  Erich Strohmaier (CRD/LBNL)  TOP500 Supercomputer 

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Wednesday, November 10, 2004
Event Type Start Time End Time Rm # Chair Main Title/Event

Invited Speaker  08:30AM  09:15AM  Ballroom B-C  Charles J. Holland   High Performance Computing in Context 

Invited Speaker  09:15AM  10:00AM  Ballroom B-C  Stan Ahalt   Toward a High Performance Computing Economy 

Exhibitor Forum  10:00AM  01:00PM  301    Exhibitor Forum III 

Paper  10:30AM  12:00PM  315-316  Daniel S. Katz (JPL/Caltech)  Applications III 

SC Global Showcase, Panel  10:30AM  12:00PM  403-405    MSI Consortium Panel 

Masterworks  10:30AM  12:00PM  303-305  Stephen Poole (Los Alamos National Laboratory)  Oil and Gas Exploration 

Paper  10:30AM  12:00PM  319-320  Celso L. Mendes (University of Illinois)  Performance Measurement & Optimization 

Paper  10:30AM  12:00PM  317-318  Philip Michael Papadopoulos (San Diego Supercomputer Center/UC San Diego)  Terascale Networking 

BOF  12:15PM  01:15PM  325  Chris Smith (Platform Computing)  Extending and Applying the Community Scheduler Framework (CSF) 

BOF  12:15PM  01:15PM  322  Mark Smith (Gelato)  Gelato: The Linux / Itanium Community Working for You 

BOF  12:15PM  01:15PM  324  Christian Tanasescu (SGI)  HPC in the AUTOMOTIVE World 

BOF  12:15PM  01:15PM  302  David Barkai (Intel)  Project Columbia - and the promise for new science 

BOF  12:15PM  01:15PM  323  Doug O'Flaherty (AMD)  State of Tools / Compilers on AMD64 (X86-64) 

BOF  12:15PM  01:15PM  331  Clive Surfleet (Exanet)  Tiered Storage 

BOF  12:15PM  01:15PM  306/307  Tarek El-Ghazawi (George Washington University)  UPC: Unified Parallel C 

Exhibitor Forum  01:00PM  05:00PM  301    Exhibitor Forum IV 

Paper  01:30PM  03:00PM  317-318  William Douglas Gropp (Argonne National Laboratory)  Extreme Performance 

Paper  01:30PM  03:00PM  315-316  Alan Sussman (University of Maryland)  Fault Tolerance 

Masterworks  01:30PM  03:00PM  303-305  Debra S. Goldfarb (IBM)  HPC Goes to the Movies 

Software Challenge  01:30PM  02:45PM  319-320  James Buford, III White (Oak Ridge National Laboratory)  HPC Softtware Challenge I 

SC Global Showcase  01:30PM  03:00PM  403-405    Low & High Bandwidth Environments 

Masterworks  03:30PM  05:00PM  303-305  Thomas Nelson (Storage Tek)  Data Intensive Applications 

Paper  03:30PM  05:00PM  315-316  Jose L Munoz (NSF)  Emerging Architectures 

Software Challenge  03:30PM  04:45PM  319-320  James Buford, III White (Oak Ridge National Laboratory)  HPC Software Challenge II 

Paper  03:30PM  04:30PM  315-316  Henri Casanova (UCSD)  Performance Evaluation Algorithms 

SC Global Showcase  03:30PM  05:00PM  403-405    SC2004 Technology 

BOF  05:30PM  07:00PM  317/318  Walt F. Brooks (NASA Advanced Supercomputing (NAS) Division)  Customer Experiences Using the SGI Altix(tm) Supercluster 

BOF  05:30PM  07:00PM  315/316  Sharad Garg (Intel Corporation, Advanced Computing Program)  Dynamic Provisioning and Resource Management 

BOF  05:30PM  07:00PM  325  Arthur Maccabe (University of New Mexico)  FAST-OS: Scalability in Runtime and Operating Systems 

BOF  05:30PM  07:00PM  321  Gary Bertoline (Purdue University)  International Visualization Consortium 

BOF  05:30PM  07:00PM  303/304/305  Daniel A. Reed (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill)  National Priorities for Computational Science--A PITAC Town Hall Meeting 

BOF  05:30PM  07:00PM  319/320  Sanjiv Shah (OpenMP ARB/Intel)  OpenMP: Now and Tomorrow 

BOF  05:30PM  07:00PM  324  Matthew Thomas O'Keefe (Red Hat)  Red Hat Clustering 

BOF  05:30PM  07:00PM  323  Karen Green (NCSA)  Staying afloat in a sea of acronyms: survival skills for HPC communicators 

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Thursday, November 11, 2004
Event Type Start Time End Time Rm # Chair Main Title/Event

Invited Speaker  08:30AM  09:15AM  Ballroom B-C  Gane Ka-Shu Wong   Computing Opportunities in the Era of Abundant Biological Data 

Invited Speaker  09:15AM  10:00AM  Ballroom B-C  Daniel A. Reed (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill)  Computing - An Intellectual Lever for Multidisciplinary Discovery 

Exhibitor Forum  10:00AM  01:00PM  302    Exhibitor Forum - StorCloud 

Exhibitor Forum  10:00AM  01:00PM  301    Exhibitor Forum V 

Paper  10:30AM  12:00PM  317-318  Thomas Wingfield Page (NSA)  Advanced Hardware Features 

Paper  10:30AM  12:00PM  315-316  David William Walker (Cardiff University)  Applications IV 

SC Global Showcase  10:30AM  12:00PM  403-405    Expanding Uses of AG 

Paper  10:30AM  12:00PM  319-320  John L Cole (IEEE Mass Storage Systems Technical Committee)  File Systems 

Masterworks  10:30AM  12:00PM  303-305  Gwendolyn Huntoon (Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center)  Optical Networking and Cyberinfrastructure 

BOF  12:15PM  01:15PM  321  Marlon E. Pierce (Indiana University)  Computing Portal Users and Developers 

BOF  12:15PM  01:15PM  322  Peter J. Braam (Cluster File Systems,Inc.)  Deploying the Lustre File System 

BOF  12:15PM  01:15PM  306/307  Brooks Davis (Aerospace Corporation)  High Performance BSD 

BOF  12:15PM  01:15PM  302  Raymond L Paden (IBM)  How to Build a Petabyte Storage Subsystem 

BOF  12:15PM  01:15PM  323  Marvin Theimer (Microsoft Corporation)  HPC.Net 

BOF  12:15PM  01:15PM  324  Padmashree Apparao (Intel Labs)  Reliability concerns in the HPC world 

SC Global Showcase  03:30PM  05:00PM  403-405    Artistic/Cultural Applications 

Masterworks  03:30PM  05:00PM  303-305  Steven Joachims (Cray Canada)  Automotive Industry 

Paper  03:30PM  05:00PM  319-320  Satoshi Matsuoka (Tokyo Institute of Technology)  Grid Resource Management 

Bandwidth Challenge  03:30PM  05:00PM  315-316  Jon Dugan (NCSA)  HPC Bandwidth Challenge 

Paper  03:30PM  05:00PM  317-318  Steven Gregory Parker (University of Utah)  Processor & Communication Performance 

Social  06:00PM  09:00PM  Senator John Heinz Pittsburgh Regional History Center    Conference Reception 

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Friday, November 12, 2004
Event Type Start Time End Time Rm # Chair Main Title/Event

Workshop  08:30AM  05:00PM  406    Advancing Research & Education 

Workshop  08:30AM  05:00PM  302    APART Workshop 

Panel  08:30AM  10:00AM  319-320  Steven Duplessie (ESG)  Availability in Storage 

Panel  08:30AM  10:00AM  317-318  Richard S. Hirsh (Science Foundation Ireland)  European Grid/HPCC 

Panel  08:30AM  10:00AM  315-316  Marc Snir (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)  Future of Supercomputing 

Panel  10:30AM  12:00PM  315-316  Maxine Brown (UIC)  GLIF Infrastructure 

Panel  10:30AM  12:00PM  319-320  Cherri M. Pancake (NACSE/Oregon State U)  HPC Survivor 

Panel  10:30AM  12:00PM  317-318  Jack Dongarra (UTK/ORNL)  HPCchallenge Benchmarks 

Workshop  01:30PM  05:00PM  321    Nanoscience Technology & Simulation 

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