About the SC|05 Proceedings…

Welcome to the Proceedings of the ACM / IEEE SC|05 Conference. These Proceedings are nearly a direct copy of the conference website. The final snapshot for this Proceedings CD-ROM was taken on October 11, 2005. All information contained herein was current as of that date.

By mirroring the comprehensive SC|05 website in these Proceedings, we hope to provide you with content that closely follows the numerous activities of this conference, serves as an archive of related technical material, and accurately represents the spirit of SC|05.

Note that for many of the materials in these Proceedings, including the full technical papers, you will need to be able to open Portable Document Format (PDF) files. Additionally, most of the material included in these Proceedings requires a JavaScript enabled web browser in order to be viewed as intended.

On behalf of the SC|05 Conference Committee, it is my sincere hope that you find the contents of these Proceedings useful. I encourage you to send in any comments or suggestions you have regarding this CD-ROM to blaiseb@llnl.gov. Directions for obtaining additional copies of these Proceedings can be found on the CD-ROM jewel case inserts. Thank you for your support of the SC Conference series.

Warmest Regards,

Blaise M. Barney
SC|05 Proceedings Chair
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory